Saturday, November 22, 2014

Kim Kardashian needs to go away.

Honestly, I don't care what kind of hateful comments I get for this blog post. (Assuming I actually get any.)

We're going to talk about Kim Kardashian's ass.

No, I'm not going to post a picture of it, or link to it or anything. Google that shit yourselves.

What we're really going to talk about is our collective reactions to her post, and why they are all equally shitty.

We insulted her intelligence

Just because Kim K. has spent a good chunk of her time in the spot light exposing herself, we think she's an idiot. (The fact that she isn't a brainiac notwithstanding.) That's a problem.

We think that any woman who exposes her body to the public to be stupid, because "why can't she do anything I think is acceptable?" People do any number of things for any number of reasons.

Maybe women strip because they like it. Maybe they do it because the job market sucks major balls and their kids need to eat. Maybe because shaking their asses on a stage makes a whole hell of a lot more money than doing that 9-5 thing that they went to school for.

Either way, Kim K. knows EXACTLY what she's doing by posing nude for Paper and trying to "break the internet" - she's keeping her name in our mouths, because like it or not, she is part of the "there is no such thing as bad press" machine.

We think she's promiscuous

For some insane reason, we tell women that sex sells, that being sexy is something that they should be. We tell them all these things, then when they fall into this role that we create for them, we hate them for it.

We break them down for it. We hurl insults at them and call them whores. We think they are attention-seeking and slutty.

And here's the part where we talk about the shitty consequences of treating people this way.

Human bodies, particularly women's bodies (but men are victims as well) become commodities. A woman's body becomes property of all of us, something to be bought and sold, traded and degraded and judged.

Which is a big fat load of crap.

WE (meaning society) teach these women than their bodies belong to everyone and everyone has a right to look at them, touch them, own them. We teach them that their bodies are something to flaunt, something to show off. So when they do it, when they follow the rules that society lays out for them, we hurt them for it.

So Kim K. is doing exactly what society wanted her to do in the first place. All people talk about is her body. Okay, people mostly talk about her ass. Women want an ass like that, and men want their women to have asses like that (yes, I'm being general here and not speaking for everyone, I know).

Kim takes those facts and runs with them, showing us the one ahem....asset...that she has that we constantly talk about - and we turn around and crucify her for it.

Sure, it would be nice to see Kim use her celebrity (which may or may not be earned) for something worthwhile. We'd like her to be a good person, or create something, or DO something with the celebrity that she was gifted.

And why, you might ask, does she need to go away? 

Because while she's laughing her ass all the way to the bank, she's also become part of the machine that perpetuates the shit-tastic treatment of human bodies (see my body image post). In fact, she has 100% embraced being part of that machine that teaches young girls that doing anything to look good is something you should do and teaches other's that a girl's body belongs just as much to everyone else as it does to her. Or even more so.

Kim K. needs to go away because her celebrity does NOTHING but set us back as a society and teach people that your body is NOT your own. It becomes a collective belonging. Kim K. perpetuates rape culture. Kim K. perpetuates eating disorders.

People like Kim K. need to just go away, and take their asses with them.

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